A Little Tapas Y Vinos In Paprica!

Incredibly CREATIVE and MUY DELICIOSO! Paprica Restaurante has fantastic ambiance with great music to set just the right mood for catching up with friends and enjoying some Tapas y Vinos. You will always be impressed by Álvaro Villasante´s unique culinary creations – special sauces infused with amazing flavors that melt in your mouth helping you to anticipate your next bite – and yes of course paired with fantastic wines to always make your visit FANTASTIC wanting to return again and again!!!

Muchas gracias to the great Paprica Team Belén Morandeira and Dilenia Morfa and to my friend Marisa Granda for sharing in a fun night! Excited to go back and next time enjoy the homemade one of a kind in Lugo special crust PIZZA!

For more information please visit: http://www.paprica.es

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Wonderful Wine Adventures In Madrid!

This trip has been a fantastic mix of enjoying old favorites and discovering new ones that will definitely have me coming back to take in more of the exciting energy of the city and to continue to discover what Spaniards have in their hearts and is a part of the spirit of their culture.

From one side of the city to the other you will find incredible art, architecture and amazing walking streets to completely immerse yourself in the experience and atmosphere of Madrid.  You will here languages from around the world and for sure if you keep an ear out you can improve your spanish listening to the natives share in lively conversations with their families and friends.

A very special thank you to my friend Paz Del Real Carrion for sharing with me one of her favorite places PLATEA an incredible location with fantastic ambiance, great music, wonderful concerts, and lots of fun for some fabulous wine tasting and tapas!

For more information please visit: www.plateamadrid.com

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Plaza Mayor & Mercado San Miguel Delight All Who Visit

Los Vinos is a fantastic tradition shared by the Spanish with all who come to visit where you EXPLORE, TASTE, DISCOVER and ENJOY! With incredible architecture, fascinating history, and beautiful spring weather what´s not to enjoy when sharing some special times in Madrid.

Sunshine and perfect Spring weather has made adventuring around Madrid fun, easy and incredibly memorable. Flowers greet you everywhere you look and it is a perfect time to explore on foot all that the city has to offer.  From Plaza Mayor to Mercado San Miguel just next to each other you can take a leisurely stroll through the area and enjoy trying some special spanish wines and tapas to make a for a perfect afternoon with family and friends that the locals enjoy just as much as those visiting from around the world. A perfect place to sample a variety of wines and tapas you are sure to enjoy!

For more information please visit: http://www.gomadrid.com/sights/plaza-mayor.html and www.mercadodesanmiguel.es/en

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Vino Viajes Madrid!

Finding some of your favorite places while traveling leads to making new friends and remembering many wonderful times always encouraging you to visit again and again. Such was the case in August 2010 when making friends with Pinkleton &  Wine in Mercado San Miguel – always enjoy visiting and sharing in a glass or two taking in the ambiance that makes for a unique experience while visiting Madrid. A fantastic setting with lots of excitement and people from around the world enjoying some of the delicious flavors of Spain through their incredible Tapas & Vinos!

For more information please visit: http://pinkleton-wine.com

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La Puerta de Europa con Al Bano Carrisi y Candido Pazos Lopez en Santiago de Compostela

Agradeci la presencia de Al Bano en la presentación de La Puerta de Europa que entregue al Museo de La Catedral de Santiago de Compostela, y luego la degustacion de un rico vino de Rioja (Portones del Camino), distinguido por la Academia del Vino en Tokio con vino “Cardio Saludable”. – Candido Pazos Lopez

Al Bano & Candido Pazos Lopez en Parador Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos Santiago De Compostela

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Easter Celebration Cabo Do Mundo Style!!! – Semana Santa!!!

Easter Fiesta Festivities In Ribeira Sacra!

Wishing everyone a very happy, blessed and special Easter holiday celebration. Muchisimas gracias Robert Forrester for inspiring this fun MUSICAL video post as we begin welcoming the guests from all over Spain to enjoy a little bit of Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural´s incredible hospitality! A truly magical location for a wonderful weekend experience.

Keep an eye out for more musical video excerpts inspired by Roberts Fantastic post.

A very special thank you to Lucie Christensen of Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural and Ingrid Christensen of Italy and New Zealand making special memories in very special places!!!

For more information please visit: http://www.cabodomundocasarural.com


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The Fresh Colors & Flavors Of Springtime!

Everywhere you look you can see signs of spring making its way to greet us after a long winters sleep.  The COLORS, Fresh AROMAS, and Delicious FLAVORS are ready for your enjoyment.  What better than to walk amongst the blossoming flowers and take in the impressive ancient Galician Architecture – Truly MAGICAL!

Spring always inspires a sense of adventure to explore, discover and enjoy surrounding areas with a wonderful adventurous spirit.  Have fun finding new places or enjoying old favorites! Muchisimas gracias to my friend Marisa Granda for sharing her beautiful visit to Pazo de Oca “El Versalles Gallego”. Looking forward to another fabulous day trip this spring!

Just a few Km off the Via De La Plata and Camino Invierno after the town of Silleda in Galicia – For more information please visit:http://www.fundacionmedinaceli.org/monumentos/oca/

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A Little Cafe Con Leche, A Little Vino & A FABULOUS VIEW


What better than the perfect setting in nature while enjoying some of the local traditions of Galicia. We were making it truly international while mixing it up with a little Italian Pasta, Galician Wine, Spanish Cafe con Leche, and Lucie´s Home Made Peach Cobbler Czech Republic Recipe with a view you will never tire of at CABO DO MUNDO’S CASA RURAL – impressive mountain setting with an incredible view of the Rio Miño!

It was delicious comfort food in an incredibly COMFORTABLE Setting!  Muchas gracias Lucie – Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural for another amazing day!

For more information please visit: http://www.cabodomundocasarural.com

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Springtime Wine Tasting In Chantada

33 rd Annual Feria Do Viño De Chantada

Sunshine and a little warm weather brought out the beginning signs of spring with flowers blooming and provided the perfect weekend for visitors from all over Galicia to take part in a very special wine event in Chantada.  A long standing tradition that for 33 years has been a very special celebration and kick off to spring in the wine region of Ribeira Sacra.

It was wonderful to stroll the streets checking out the local products and to see more of the traditional art of Galicia while of course getting the perfect opportunity to taste many of the wines that make this area so very special.  From its breathtaking views and incredible landscapes that help to grow the grapes in this unique microclimate cultivated in ancient times by the romans you will have the chance to taste with every sip the FANTASTIC FLAVORS of Ribeira Sacra.

Muchas gracias – a very special thank you to local winemakers and friends for making such a wonderful and very memorable first visit for me to the Wine Festival of Chantada. It was so much fun seeing and wine tasting with Oscar Gonzalez Rizo of Via Romana Adegas e Viñedos, Camilo Rodriguez of Cabo Do Mundo Adega, and Primi of Sabatelius Lareu Adega.

For more information please visit: http://www.viaromana.es, http://www.adegaslareu.com, y http://www.adegacabodomundo.es.

Muchísimas gracias to German Limeres for capturing the wine tasting event and experiences with some wonderful photos to remember a very special day in Chantada.

Photography: German Limeres http://www.gastrofotografia.com y http://www.germanlimeres.com

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TurExpo Galicia 2015!

Explore, Discover & Enjoy!!!!

A beautiful spring day in Galicia and a perfect time for a drive through the countryside to explore, discover and enjoy more of Galicia´s unique tourism offering.  Every area unique in its own way offers great options for weekend adventures or longer travels of course with great WINE TASTING and GASTRO CAMINO ADVENTURES!!!

Lucie Christensen of Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural and I enjoyed seeing familiar faces Mar of Samos Tourism and Alexandra Seara of Ribeira Sacra Consorcio de Tursimo.

For more information please visit: http://www.cabodomundocasarural.com, http://www.ribeirasacra.org, and http://www.turexpogalicia.com

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