Galicia’s Seafood & Wine – Fresh, Flavorful And Fantastic!

Exploring Galicia there are millions of adventures inviting you to DISCOVER – TASTE & ENJOY! A truly “DISFRUTING GALICIA” opportunity.  As “Disfruta” in spanish means to Enjoy and in english we love the experience of “Enjoying” a journey – an adventure – a special time with friends and family that leaves its mark on our spirit. A memory to be shared and lived again and again in the telling of it always leaving you wanting more.

Galicia has something for everyone whether you like incredible beaches of all kinds from high mountain cliffs with dramatic views, long vast beaches made for walking, or private beautiful white sandy hideaways you will soak up the sun or mystical showers that will have you ready to enjoy some delicious Galician Seafood and incredible Galician WINE!

Such was my LUCK and PLEASURE to enjoy an afternoon during my Camino Invierno – Winter Way seeing friends and making new ones while learning, tasting and enjoying some of the best Galician Seafood and Wine at a very special fair in Silleda just outside of Lalin where both the Via De La Plate or Silver Way and the Winter Way connect. What better than to continue my El Camino Del Vino than with a very special day discovering more incredible treasures of Galicia.

A very special thank you to Nuria, Chechu, Antionio Rodríguez, Sandra Amézaga, Catalina Sánchez, Javier, and all the rest of my camino friends for making such an incredible day and memory in my Camino – Bo Camiño!


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1 Response to Galicia’s Seafood & Wine – Fresh, Flavorful And Fantastic!

  1. Heike says:

    GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! A must see, taste and walk!

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