Wonderful Wine Adventures In Madrid!

This trip has been a fantastic mix of enjoying old favorites and discovering new ones that will definitely have me coming back to take in more of the exciting energy of the city and to continue to discover what Spaniards have in their hearts and is a part of the spirit of their culture.

From one side of the city to the other you will find incredible art, architecture and amazing walking streets to completely immerse yourself in the experience and atmosphere of Madrid.  You will here languages from around the world and for sure if you keep an ear out you can improve your spanish listening to the natives share in lively conversations with their families and friends.

A very special thank you to my friend Paz Del Real Carrion for sharing with me one of her favorite places PLATEA an incredible location with fantastic ambiance, great music, wonderful concerts, and lots of fun for some fabulous wine tasting and tapas!

For more information please visit: www.plateamadrid.com

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