The Fresh Colors & Flavors Of Springtime!

Everywhere you look you can see signs of spring making its way to greet us after a long winters sleep.  The COLORS, Fresh AROMAS, and Delicious FLAVORS are ready for your enjoyment.  What better than to walk amongst the blossoming flowers and take in the impressive ancient Galician Architecture – Truly MAGICAL!

Spring always inspires a sense of adventure to explore, discover and enjoy surrounding areas with a wonderful adventurous spirit.  Have fun finding new places or enjoying old favorites! Muchisimas gracias to my friend Marisa Granda for sharing her beautiful visit to Pazo de Oca “El Versalles Gallego”. Looking forward to another fabulous day trip this spring!

Just a few Km off the Via De La Plata and Camino Invierno after the town of Silleda in Galicia – For more information please visit:

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