Los Corchos

Los Corchos – The Corks – represent the wonderful experience of tasting, savoring and discovering wine. It is when we “uncork” a bottle and from the first moment begin to smell the nose even before the wine has his the glass.  We see its beautiful, vibrant, rich color as it is poured already bringing delight and wonder to the taster. What will this one be like? What mood will it evoke? Will it become a new favorite? So many emotions mixed in with the tradition and culture of wine and depending on where you live this tradition is celebrated and enjoyed in many different ways.

Los Corchos is a friendly group, an association of wine lovers, who enjoy the art of winemaking, wine tasting, travel and discovery.  We hope that you will join us on this wonderful journey as we explore a little history, culture, as well as, the customs and traditions of Wine – One Cork At A Time!


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