Thank you for joining me as I share some of my travel adventures in Galicia and Spain. We will discover along the different Ways of the Camino and the special wine regions that make their own routes – ways into our hearts – with new wines tasted and savored – a new memory that inspires, and many more journeys ahead with family and friends.

Inspired by my living in Spain since August 2011 and, planting roots just like the vines, in Galicia since September 2011 on the Camino Primitive known as the Primitive Way of St. James. Surrounded by a unique history, culture and traditions dating back to before the romans. This land is steeped in mystery that combines the legends and myths of the Celts,  Vikings, Romans and Moors.  There is so much for us to enjoy and discover!

The ancient art of winemaking has its traditions at the heart of history and culture in europe and the tradition of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela has its roots back to the 9th century where pilgrims from all around the world ventured to Spain to reach Galicia on their sacred journey.

Wine has long been celebrated around the world and what better way to enjoy an adventure of discovery than to delve into a cultures history, traditions, and customs while enjoying a glass of wine with friends and family. I look forward to sharing with you my travels and hope you will enjoy joining me on this adventure as we journey the wine trails and routes of Europe as they make their way to Spain and Galicia as we discover El Camino Del Vino!

A very special thank you to Dean Wright of Logo Love Design Agency for your creative wine designs and El Camino Del Vino logo creations – http://www.logo-love.com

A very special thank you to German Limeres for your fantastic photography: http://www.germanlimeres.com and http://www.gastrofotografia.com

With every good wish!

Smiles from El Camino Del Vino,







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