Wonderful Wine Adventures Madrid

Madrid a fantastic city to explore and enjoy some of Spain´s Fantastic Treasures of Art, History, Music, Architecture, Gastronomy & WINE! The spanish people value, appreciate and celebrate their culture and it is a special pleasure to be included in experiencing some of their wonderful traditions that make exploring Spain a real gift.

Whether it is taking a PASEO – a leisurely walk – enjoying the incredible parks such as Retiro or walking along the Paseo Prado and going into the museums to be amazed at centuries of incredible art by gifted artists famous around the world or wandering the streets adventuring into new areas to learn more of the local neighborhoods and their wonderful bars and restaurants you will always find more you want to discover and return to enjoy again and again!

A very special thank you to friends who made this trip very special – was a wonderful surprise during an afternoon Paseo to hear my name called out by Iván Leis Varela and to enjoy an afternoon taking in some of the incredible architecture and beautiful sites of Madrid – hopefully next time Sienna Leis can join in the fun always more to explore and enjoy – Muchisimas Gracias!

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Discovering The WAY Of WINES – Parador Santiago

Travel and Adventure seem to go hand in hand and when one adds the very special pleasure of Tasting Wines ALONG THE WAY then the incredible landscapes, amazing history and beautiful monuments come alive in a very personal and wonderful way making for lasting memories that will be treasured forever.

It was a very special time of CELEBRATION and sharing in Santiago de Compostela during the Fairway Forum Camino Del Santiago De Compostela where El Camino Del Vino October 16, 2015 participated in sharing some of what we have enjoyed while living in Galicia and exploring the Camino.

I would like to thank everyone who made this event possible. It was a truly memorable time sharing the Spirit of the Camino through El Camino Del Vino with all who attended. Thank you to my family, friends and pilgrims who shared in celebrating! It was a fantastic evening Sharing The Spirit Of The Camino – and a very special way to Celebrate my Father´s Raymond Beuligmann´s 85th Birthday – Thank you to all for this very wonderful memory together!!!

Special recognition and appreciation to Fairway Forum, Julio Castro, Director and his great team at the Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos Santiago De Compostela, Esther Diz of Cova Solutions, all the bodegas – wineries who participated to bring El Camino Del Vino to life through their unique and delicious wines: Via Romana Adegas e Viñedos Ribeira Sacra y Nordesia – Juan Luis Méndez Rojo, Ribeiro DO (Denomination of Origin) – Esther González de Paz y Erika Dominguez Laiño, Eidosela Bodegas Rías Baíxas – Francisco Javier Piñeiro, Gancedo Bodegas y Viñedos Bierzo León – Jose Luis López Armesto , Portones Rioja – Cándido Pazos, and Domaine Val DÁstier Gogolin France – Bruno Seignez. We celebrated, tasted and enjoyed some fantastic wines to the beautiful music of Santiago Capeans Harpas Maxicas – Thank you Santiago for helping us to enjoy in an inspiring setting with your wonderful music. Remembering El Camino Del Vino Beginnings with Dimas Gonzalez, Santiago Film Commissioner and our time together in Los Vinos and many special years taking pictures in the Camino with German Limeres – Gastrofotografia.com helps to combine wonderful wine tasting stories with incredibly beautiful pictures to make Wine Tasting Along The Way a SPECTACULAR Experience. Much gratitude and appreciation to Diana Pérez Morán Journalist and Communications Specialist for sharing El Camino Del Vino´s message through special Press and Media Promotions. A very special thank you to Marc Heffner of CaminoEstrella.com who helped to bring my dream to life with his amazing original art work inspiring the treasure of Camino Connections and Celebration!

El Camino Del Vino is excited to continue to share with you more of the many wonderful wines to be discovered and enjoyed Along The Way!

For more information please visit: Parador Hotels: http://www.parador.es, Via Romana Adegas e Viñedos: http://www.viaromana.es, Nordesia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nordesia-616877745021790/, D.O.Ribeiro: https://www.facebook.com/DenominacionOrixeRibeiro?fref=ts, Gancedo Bodegas y Viñedos: http://www.bodegasgancedo.com,  Domaine Val DÁstier France: http://www.domainevaldastier.com, Cova Solutions: http://www.CovaSolutions.com, http://www.FairwaySantiago.com, Santiago Capeans Harpas Maxicas: https://www.facebook.com/Santiago-Pintos-Capeans-Harpas-Maxicas-844131778994648/info?tab=page_info, German Limeres – Gastrofotografia: http://www.gastrofotografia.com, and Marc Heffner Artist of Original Art Piece of El Camino Del Vino and creator of his special Camino Collection – Camino Estrella: http://www.CaminoEstrella.com.

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El Camino Del Vino Celebrates In The Parador Santiago

Pilgrims Celebrate Fairway Forum Del Camino De Santiago!

Special Pilgrim Celebration Continue – with the Fairway Forum Del Camino De Santiago International Camino Conference – http://www.fairwaysantiago.com. I am grateful for being invited to be a guest speaker and share some of my Camino experiences. We will also share in a special event that has been long in the making with my dream of El Camino Del Vino – sharing the love of travel journeys discovering incredible cultures, amazing landscapes, and enjoying delicious wines and local cuisine.

I hope those that are in Santiago will join us as we celebrate tomorrow night El Camino Del Vino at the Parador Santiago Hostal Dos Reis Católicos from October 16, 2015 – 7 pm – 9 pm. A very special thank you to Marc Heffner of CaminoEstrella.com who helped to bring this dream to life with his amazing original art work inspiring the treasure of Camino Connections and Celebration. A very special thank you to Fairway Santiago Camino Conference and Julio Castro ‪Cesar Marcote‬ at the ‪Parador‬ Hostal Dos Reis Católicos for helping to Celebrate the Spirit of The Camino with El Camino Del Vino.
For more information about ‪Marc Heffner‬ and Camino Estrella please visit his website at: http://www.caminoestrella.com.
Fairway Forum Del Camino De Santiago Conference: http://www.fairwaysantiago.com

Hope to see you at the Parador – Bo Camiño!!!

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Summer Wine Adventures Continue In Ribeiro Wine Region

Wonderful Wine Wanderings in a new area as I enjoy discovering more of Ribeiro Wine Region and Rivadavia. Incredibly beautiful, vibrant, lush and full of beautiful surprises.  From the fantastic and breathtaking landscapes, amazing vineyards, wonderful people, and impressive history there is so much more to explore, discover, TASTE and ENJOY!!!

A very special thank you to Antonio and Rivadavia Tourism office for sharing your inspiring photos http://www.turismoribadavia.com and a very special thank you to my friends  Laesponja Comunicación for bringing me back to discover more of this amazing wine region. For more information please visit: http://www.laesponja.com.

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Wine Wanderings & Summer Adventures In Rias Baixas

Summer brings a feeling of adventure with the opportunity to explore, discover and enjoy new areas, new people, and new experiences adding to many special memories that only TRAVEL seems to bring.  We open up our SENSES and take in all around us in FANTASTIC ways.   We see the UNIQUENESS of all the places we explore. Here´s to DISCOVERING new places and CREATING special memories.

A very special thank you to Novavila Design Wine Hotel – Veronica Montijano Garcia and Jose Luis Villanova.  Incredible GASTRONOMY and WINE Dinner in an INCREDIBLE setting.

For more information please visit: http://www.novavilariasbaixas.com and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Novavila-Design-Wine-Hotel/51925027706?fref=ts

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XORNADAS De Portas Abertas Nas Rutas Dos Viños De Galicia 2015!

The Gates of Galicia´s Wine Regions Are Open & Welcoming All To Discover, Taste & Enjoy!!!

Exploring Galicia is always a FANTASTIC Adventure with surprises around every corner. From beautiful views – breathtaking landscapes – and cultural monuments that are treasures for all to enjoy.  One very distinct and special pleasure is to experience Xornadas De Portas Abertas Nas Rutas Dos Viños De Galicia two wonderful weekends that provide the opportunity to EXPLORE, TASTE & DISCOVER the 5 incredible wine regions in Galicia.

May 30 – 31, Saturday and Sunday, 2015: MONTEREY, RIBEIRA SACRA & VALDEORRAS

June 6 – 7, Saturday and Sunday, 2015: RÍAS BAIXAS & RIBEIRO

Always a wonderful surprise to enjoy special events in Santiago at the Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos with Julio Castro (Director Parador Santiago De Compostela) – Muchas gracias Marisa Granda Escudero and Carlos Ramos Fernández for inviting me to join you at another wonderful event meeting friends from Ribeira Sacra Kris Pereira and making reconnections with others from around Galicia Cris Tella and David.

Congratulations to Carlos Ramos Fernández for an incredible experience and wonderful event sharing in fantastic music and delicious wine tasting!

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Harvard University Alumni Event Enjoys Eidosela Wine!

Eidosela Bodega Shares In Toasting Special Memories & Celebrating Wonderful Friendships!

The 15th Reunion of the HARVARD University Class of 2000 will celebrate together today May 29, 2015 on the campus in Cambridge, MA, USA.  We wish Sienna Leis and all her classmates the very best as the reconnect and reunite in celebration as they share wonderful class memories and special life experiences.  SALUD!!!

A very special thank you to Francisco Javier Piñeiro and Ruben Garcia of EIDOSELA Bodegas for providing their most generous gift of wine making the Harvard University Alumni Event a very special experience. A re-uniting of old friendship and new invitations for all to enjoy, taste and discover some of the incredible wine of Galicia and Spain.

A very special thank you to Sienna Leis and the Harvard Alumni Event Team for including us as a sponsor to help share in a fantastic time of reconnection for her and her classmates. I would like to express my gratitude and special thanks to all who helped make participating in this event possible: Marc Heffner of Camino Estrella for your wonderful and creative artistic designs that have helped to bring to life my dream of more than 4 years of El Camino Del Vino as it is most exciting and a special time to share this special experience together. Special thanks and my heartfelt appreciation to: Cándido Pazos of Códice Calixtino Book & Los Portones Del Camino Wine, Francisco Javier Piñeiro and Ruben Garcia of Eidosela Bodegas, Marta Villén Sierra of Ruta Do Viño Da Ribeira Sacra, Alexandra Seara Consorcio De Turismo De Ribeira Sacra, and Centro Do Viño Ribeira Sacra, and Ivan Leis Varela for helping El Camino Del Vino with specialty items that make a unique and wonderful Invitation to Visit Galicia to Travel, Taste & Enjoy!!!

For more information please visit: http://www.elcaminodelvino.com, http://www.caminoestrella.com, http://www.bodegaseidosela.com, rutavino@ribeirasacra.org, and http://turismo.ribeirasacra.org/rs/en/


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