From Water To Wine


Discovering New Wines Is Always A Fun Adventure

For those who love to travel one of the special pleasures is enjoying wonderful wines along the way. From every country visited, city explored, and restaurant or winery discovered there are special memories that last  always inviting us to want to continue our journeys.  Wine makes any get together or celebration special but all wine lovers would agree that atmosphere and ambiance only enhance the experience and add to the fun of the adventure.

What better than to go from Water to Wine in this fantastic setting!

A very special thank you to my friend Dean Wright for sending me such a fantastic picture of fun wine adventures in unique settings – muchisimas gracias 🙂

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Felices Fiestas – Merry Christmas – Feliz Navidad

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas as you celebrate with family and friends – Blessings to all 🙂

“Behind a glass of wine there is the caress of a few tanned hands, the kind while of its people, the flavor of mature fruit, the smell of flowers of the forest and the character of a thousand and one stories. Behind a glass of wine is a friends gathering; lifelong friends or new friends forever” – Wine Lover

“Detrás de una copa de vino,
se encuentra el mimo de unas manos curtidas,
la sonrisa amable de sus gentes,
el sabor a fruta madura,
el olor a flores del bosque
y el carácter de mil y una historias.
Detrás de una copa de vino
está una tertulia de amigos;
amigos de toda la vida
o nuevas amistades
para siempre.”  – Amante Del Vino

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Una californiana entre viñedos ribeiraos – Mili Méndez

This special time of Autumn and Winter preparing for the holidays has brought many special experiences, memories and dreams coming true. Some of those dreams began on my first visit to Ribeira Sacra in Otoño 2011. A very special thank you to Mili Méndez of La Voz de Galicia periodico for interviewing me for De Vinos segment and letting me share some of my appreciation and experience of Ribeira Sacra – it truly is vibrant, alive, and magical. I look forward to discovering and sharing in more special times in this very special place.

As my synchronicities have continued I have journeyed 5 times on the Camino de Santiago and will continue to explore its other routes. I have met incredible people and my appreciation and love of Galicia has only deepened. I am very grateful to everyone who has been a special part of my Camino Life Journey without all of you this would not be possible.

The journey continues and I owe a very special thank you to my friends Lucie and Kaj Christensen of Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural who invited to me to house sit and watch over their incredible casa rural during the holiday season. It is the perfect place to prepare projects for 2015 and to now write my synchronistic story of how the Camino called me to experience its beauty, history and magic.

Muchisimas gracias to Gérman Limeres for bringing me first to Ribeira Sacra in 2011 and introducing me to this incredible place and for taking my picture enjoying some of the fantastic wines and delicious tapas of the region.

For more information please visit: and

Please visit Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural:

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Felices Fiestas!

Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone the very best during this holiday season. A time of new beginnings, renewal of the spirit, and celebrating adventures of the past year and the ones to come.  May your heart be filled with love, wonderful memories with family and friends and special celebrations of our continued journeys 🙂 Bo Camiño!!!


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Alive With COLOR!


It is a magical place with impressive scenery and a fascinating history. Everywhere you look there is a view that inspires. Everyday provides an ever changing array of colors and textures that your eyes soak up like a sponge thirsting for more. You look again and again hoping to memorize its landscape and every color taking in all of its beauty. Always satisfied you will be inspired to continue to explore, discover, taste and enjoy 🙂 Bo Camiño!

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Feliz Otoño Ribeira Sacra

Ribeira Sacra Shares Its Heart

Discovering a new place always fills one with excitement and a sense of adventure.  Beauty that captures not only your mind, your heart, and your very spirit.  Ribeira Sacra is such a place that once you have experienced it you will find yourself wanting to discover more – returning again and again. Ribeira Sacra shares its heart and it will surely capture yours.

Every season holds a magic and a mystery.  A beauty in each moment that one can only try to capture but always leaves us wanting more.

A very special thank you to Lucie & Kaj Christensen and German Limeres for letting me include your photographs with mine to share some of the beauty and inspiration that is here for all to explore, discover and enjoy 🙂

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Viños E Troula – O Batuxo Belesar

It was an incredible summer of new adventures and lots of fun exploring Ribeira Sacra the ancient roman wine country, making new friends and enjoying time on the Rio Miño 🙂 A very big thank you to Marcus and Monica of O Batuxo Belesar for your incredible Viños E Troula – Summer Wine Tastings & Concert Series.  It was a fantastic experience and I look forward to more enjoying your incredible area – Muchisimas Gracias Por Todo!

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Festa De Cata Ciega En Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural

Celebrating the end of summer wine tasting fun and the beginning of Vendimia 2014 with Lucie and Kaj Christensen at their fantastic Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural and their special Cata Ciegablind wine tasting with local winemakers, the bodegueros, of Ribeira Sacra.  It was a very special occasion to be included to participate and share with friends in Ribeira Sacra TOASTING and TASTING sharing in new beginnings creating more wonderful wine tasting memories.

A very special thank you to Lucie and Kaj Christensen – Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural, Kris Pereira, Lorena y Juanma – Gramola Musica, and all our friends at O Batuxo Belesar, Adega As Oubenzas, Adega Amedo, Via Romana Adegas e Viñedos, Adega Lareu, Adega Vina Ribada, Adega Teijeiro Lemos y Adega Pradio.

For more information please visit:

Ata O Proxima Vez

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Color In The Camino Of Life

Being in nature is one of the most special parts of experiencing the Camino.  Surrounded by beautiful and captivating views with an opportunity to explore just like when we were children. Every minute holds a promise of newness, joy, and being completely absorbed in the moment enjoying the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings that keep you in a sense of wonder and adventure. As we follow the the Camino trails there is always something new to discover and enjoy as we take it all in RICH, VIBRANT, & ALIVE With COLOR – Bo Camiño 🙂


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Los Corchos – Count Down To VENDIMIA

Soon the colors will be changing and the grapes will be ready for picking when the harvest arrives and the hard work of Vendimia begins.  There is a magical and very mystical feeling to spending time in the vineyards knowing that for centuries this ancient tradition continues much as it did when it first began with the romans who cultivated the steep cliffs of Ribeira Sacra.  Ribeira Sacra is an incredible place to enjoy all times of the year it holds an incredible beauty that captivates one whether it is summer, fall, winter or spring 🙂

A very special thank you to photographer German Limeres for our wine adventures beginning in Autumn of 2011 – an exciting time now getting to experience more of this incredible history and culture that makes DESCUBRE GALICIA – Discovering Galicia so very special.

For more information please visit:

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