The Heart & Hands Of Wine

“Behind a glass of wine there is a caress of a few tanned hands, the kind smile of its people, the flavor of mature fruit, the smell of flowers of the forest and the character of a thousand and one stories. Behind a glass of wine is a friends gathering; lifelong friends or new friends forever” – Wine Routes In Galicia Guide

Reading these words one becomes immersed in a beautiful and enchanting story. Powerful images of incredible scenery, favorite times shared with family and friends, and adventures awaiting you. No matter where you are or where you like to do your wine tasting the tradition of wine making holds a mystery – a long standing mystique – that has not lessened with time but only grows just like the vines, new grapes, and wine lovers who follow their passion to discover many wonderful wine favorites and along the way learning more of the ancient art that has over time aged in its understanding and wisdom. A true melding of old traditional customs and practices with new modern technologies so that more fine wines are there for the sampling, tasting and discovering!

On this special day of rest celebrating the hard work and labors of all I hope you will enjoy a fantastic glass of wine in a delightful setting with family and friends – Happy Labor Day or as they say in Spain Fiesta del Trabajo – Salud!

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2 Responses to The Heart & Hands Of Wine

  1. ingridfolkers says:

    Happy May 1st. Looking forward to your wine camino. Ingrid

  2. Your understanding of this topic is amazing. It actually touched me
    and I’m happy I discovered this material. Thank you very much.

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