The WineMakers COOK

It is time to go into the kitchen for a little different AVENTURA DE COCINA – where the Winemakers – Bodegueros – Viticultores – will become the Cocineros 🙂

EL CAMINO DEL VINO for 3 years has been excited as we have been traveling Galicia meeting interesting people, learning the culture and exploring ALL.  I hope you will enjoy joining me as we meet the Winemakers in person and learn their favorite recipes and wine pairings – a whole new look into the fascinating culture and history of wine making!!!

A very special thank you to Christine Hanna for our SYNCHRONISTIC meeting in 2010 and know that I am working hard to find a way to get you to Spain for a real adventure where the Winemaker of USA spends time with the Winemakers of Galicia y España – picturing you here for all the fun and a longtime dream come true.

For more information on Christine Hanna and her incredible Bodega please visit:

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