Los Corchos – Enjoys O Batuxo Belesar’s Viños e Troula

Viños E Troula: O Batuxo Belesar, Adegas Amedo & Banda “Carta De Ajuste” – Friday, August 1, 2014

Marcus of O Batuxo Belesar has created a fantastic summer series Viños E Troula for all to enjoy.  Come sit by the Rio Miño and enjoy a special Catas De Vinos where you will get to sample, taste, and enjoy the wines of Adegas Amedo.  What better than a perfect setting in Ribeira Sacra than to enjoy Tapas y Vinos y Musica y MAS with music by “Carta De Ajuste” band. Hope you will join us for some summer sunset fun – Friday August 1, 2014.

Bo Camiño TASTE IT! is excited to participate in Viños E Troula capturing some of the nights events and fun with friends and family. Come share in a very special time where we will share in the fun and Bo Camiño TASTE IT! Will help ROCK RIBEIRA SACRA!!!

We hope our friends Luisa of Quinta Sacra River Cruises, Lucie and Kaj of Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural, Kris Pereira and the rest of the Ribeira Sacra Wine Lovers will join us for the fun 🙂

For more information please visit: http://www.obatuxobelesar.com

* Special thank you to Concha Casares Mozo of Casa Alongos Melide Km 51 for your post this morning that has inspired a summer series of Los Corchos – sharing what we love of wine, the experiences, the stories, the people and the memories!

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