A Day With Quinta Sacra – Muchas Gracias Luisa!

Walking Along Wine Fields & A Day On The River With Friends

What is more magical than finding secret treasures along the Camino. It has been my special pleasure to meet so many interesting and wonderful people all through fantastic synchronistic events that continue to inspire. One never knows what will be learned or discovered but for sure it has been a incredible journey meeting people along the way and sharing more of what we love of the Camino and of Galicia.

The sun was shining, the air was fresh, and the day full of opportunity. I knew that I was in for a FANTASTIC time in meeting a new friend Luisa of Quinta Sacra whom I had met a few months before at the Gastronomy Extravaganza of Fórum Gastronómic Coruña ’14 that was action packed with lots of good wine and delicious culinary delights.  This adventure would be of a very special type an adventure in nature and the wine country of Ribeira Sacra. A private personal tour on the river.

As I walked passed the ancient Roman Vineyards I was captivated by the solitude and absolute beauty surrounding me. The birds were singing as I made my way toward Belesar a quaint small town on the river where Luisa would be waiting for me. With the blue water on my left and the lush vibrant green leaves of the grape vines on my right every curve and turn held an incredible view and photo opportunity.  I knew for sure this would not be my only trip to Belesar and Ribeira Sacra but one of many I hoped would fill my summer now that sunshine had finally come to Galicia.

Arriving the boat dock I was greeted by Luisa’s amazing smile and we started the afternoon with a refreshing glass of Albariño – a white wine crisp and full of fruit flavor.  We enjoyed sitting in the cool shade catching up and reveling in the breathtaking view of the river from our table.  I shared with Luisa that I had just met an incredible couple during the “Vino Bus” weekend wine tasting event and that it would be great to see them again and learn more of their new casa rural.

As it turned out Lucy and Kai are friends of Luisa so we thought we would connect with them later that afternoon. As my luck would have it it was meant for us to share in a special time together as the signs the whole day had pointed in that direction. In the morning I had made my way before starting out for the day to the Office of Tourism in Monforte de Lemos and spoke with Maryfe would had been one of our guides that weekend for wine tasting.  She said she would be happy to send Lucy and Kai a note and let them know I would be in their area for a couple of days.  Having given my card to Kai and Lucy on the “Vino Bus” but was technology free on this camino journey it was so nice that others were willing to reach out and send a note for me. Just as Luisa and I were talking of Lucy and Kai they walked down the dock ramp to the restaurant and to our wonderful surprise they had decided to come into town for lunch – no messages or texts had been sent but it was all working out fantastically.

It was a pleasant surprise that our lunch party was growing and that we would have more to share Luisa’s incredible river tour with.  Just then Kris whom I had also met during the “Vino Bus” Wine Tasting Weekend and our fantastic Via Romana Bodega Tour arrived and so it was now time to enjoy some more wine, good conversation and a delicious lunch before setting off on our river cruise.

The afternoon was made complete when one more friend of Luisa’s arrived and Camilo joined the group for our afternoon touring the river.  It was a truly magical day filled with incredible scenery, wonderful new friends, and a river tour that highlighted some of the most beautiful sites of the area.  A very special tour and Ribeira Sacra experience along with a visit to Luisa’s bodega for a “chopito” after lunch liquor. We finished the day with a tour of Lucy and Kai’s soon to be open SPECTACULAR Casa Rural.  3 years of hard work and complete renovation provided for a Sunset Experience and view of the river a perfect place to toast the day with a wonderful glass of wine and more good conversation that had us all smiling, laughing, and enjoying!!!

I would like to thank Luisa, Kris, Lucy, Kai and Camilo for making a day in my Camino Invierno – or El Camino Del Vino Journey ESTUPENDO!  It was wonderful synchronicity and an adventure I look forward to sharing in again and again.  I look forward to sharing more information so that others who are interested can make there way to this very special and magical place.

For more information on your own personal Quinta Sacra river cruise experience please visit: http://www.quintasacra.es and Luisa’s Quinta Sacra Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/quintasacram

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