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Descubre Galicia

Discover or Discovery is defined as “the act of finding or learning something for the first time; the act of discovering something; something seen or learned for the first time; something discovered; the act or process of discovering.”

Inspiration is fueled by travel.  A picture or view that captures our attention and leads us on an adventure, a journey of sights, sounds, smells and of course delicious TASTES. Incredible vistas that will take your breath away and have you talking to yourself or your travel companions repeating over and over again how beautiful and amazing this experience is.  You will be relaxed from a day filled with many new and wonderful experiences and you will fall asleep at night to dream of what you have seen and what awaits you tomorrow.

When one sets out on a journey to DESCUBRE GALICIA – Discover Galicia – it is an adventure that delights from the very beginning and some how leaves its mark that one will want to return again and again.  9 “official” Camino routes mark the map all with incredible culinary delights and wine waiting for you to Sip, Taste & Discover. Let your eyes lead you to new vistas and your taste buds to some new favorite VINOS!

Thank you to Nikki Incandela and German Limeres for your inspiring pictures.

Discover Galicia Blog Photographs & Nám Nám Galicia Book Design: German Limeres

Descubre Galicia Video Photographs: Nikki Incandela, German Limeres & Susan R Mann

* Video: A special thank you for the inspiring song MIDDAY by Yusuf formerly known as Cat Stevens. Your music always inspires a sense of adventure!

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