Celebrating Wine & Health – Salud!

Toasting is a tradition in many cultures.  All may celebrate with  a different word but the symbol is the same. It is a greeting between old friends and new.  It is a celebration of life from it’s true essence just as the grapes from the ground transform themselves into delicious wine with time and the loving touch of the hands of the winemaker.  A recognition and remembrence  of good times –  a toast to move through difficult times – the sharing of wine or drink and song is part of our nature.  A special place of  inner joy of our spirits, our souls desire to connect, express, grow and share with others and the world.  With each adventure and new wine tasted a magical discovery, a mystery tour of life unfolds with more special memories and stories to be told and shared.

A little Toasting History – Always associated with special occasions celebrated in almost every country in the world.  We can find that this custom dates back to biblical times where the first toast was recorded in England in 450 AD taking place at a huge feast celebrated by the British King Vortigen to his Saxon allies. This first toast given to share good health and fortune has evolved over the years.

During the 17th century, it is believed that the clinking of glasses, the traditional sound of chimes between friends and family, this bell-like sound was made in hopes of banishing evil spirits which were repelled by the music of the bells made from crystal as it “clinked” in unison. In the late 17th century the term “toasting” began to be used as part of this now regular and traditional celebratory act we all know as TOASTING or BRINDIS in Spanish. The symbol and meaning is the same – to you and your health!!!  Salud to all!


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