HARVARD University A Special Alumni Class of 2000 Event!

Summer Sunshine has brought some great new get togethers and exciting event happenings in Galicia and in the USA. El Camino Del Vino is excited to participate in a very special Harvard University Alumni Reunion on the campus in Cambridge, MA, USA. Sienna Leis Co-Chair of her 15th Reunion Class of 2000 has created a wonderful series of events for alumni´s to reconnect and share in and we are grateful to be a part of a unique panel session May 29, 2015 (Friday): Spirituality in the Modern World: The Camino & Other Journeys of Faith – celebrating the spirit of the Camino and the power of Spiritual Journeys On Physical Paths!

A very special thank you to Sienna Leis and the Harvard Alumni Event Team for including us as a sponsor to help share in a fantastic time of reconnection for her and her classmates. I would like to express my gratitude and special thanks to all who helped make participating in this event possible: Marc Heffner of Camino Estrella for your wonderful and creative artistic designs that have helped to bring to life my dream of more than 4 years of El Camino Del Vino as it is most exciting and a special time to share this special experience together. Special thanks and my heartfelt appreciation to: Cándido Pazos of Códice Calixtino Book & Los Portones Del Camino Wine, Francisco Javier Piñeiro and Ruben Garcia of Eidosela Bodegas, Marta Villén Sierra of Ruta Do Viño Da Ribeira Sacra, Alexandra Seara Consorcio De Turismo De Ribeira Sacra, and Centro Do Viño Ribeira Sacra for helping El Camino Del Vino with specialty items that make a unique and wonderful Invitation to Visit Galicia to Travel, Taste & Enjoy!!!

For more information please visit: http://www.elcaminodelvino.com, http://www.caminoestrella.com, http://www.bodegaseidosela.com, rutavino@ribeirasacra.org, and http://turismo.ribeirasacra.org/rs/en/

Picture – Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos Santiago De Compostela: Jóse Luis Penedo Del Rio, Susan R, Mann, Cándido Pazos, Carmen, Julio Castro, Sienna & Ivan Leis Varela, and Marc Heffner (listed from left to right)

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1 Response to HARVARD University A Special Alumni Class of 2000 Event!

  1. Lucie Traganova says:

    Hi Suzie,

    Congratulation for getting it done. The Passports look amazing. You are great!

    Abrazos y besitos Desde Cabo do Mundo Casa Rural


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