FANTASTIC Friday’s With Friends – Ribeira Sacra

Everybody loves Friday – and it is becoming a tradition here in Galicia for me to make a weekly adventure with friends having them share what they love of their land.  Galicia is beautiful, magical, historical, mystical, vibrant, alive and full of opportunity to explore and discover!  It has been a wonderful month exploring Ribeira Sacra with so many special events and experiences that keep me wanting to go back for more. To continue to enjoy the people, places and amazing landscapes that make El Camino Del Vino so very unique and AMAZING 🙂

So it was another great day making my way to Belesar to meet friends and make new ones. Amparo of Enoturismo Galicia created with Luisa of Quinta Sacra and Abadia da Cova Bodega a great evening on the river enjoying the incredible scenery and magical landscapes of Ribeira Sacra. We explored, discovered and enjoyed while we soaked up the views of the ancient roman vineyards followed by a tour of Abadia Da Cova and violin concert at sunset with Ukranian Violinist Oleksander Sauchuk. What’s not to LOVE of Fantastic Friday’s With Friends!  Thank you to everyone for including me in another incredible adventure Discovering Galicia – Descubre Galicia!!!

For more information please visit:Enoturismo Galicia, Quinta Sacra, and Abadia da Cova

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